How you can donate and help THE MINISTRY

As you well know, the pandemic has been a source of significant financial strain on individuals, families and institutions of various kinds. Since the Archdiocese is among these, all Chancery offices function on limited budgets. With the MFLO in its founding phase, among other challenges, obtaining external funding from relevant movements proves challenging at present. While serving with limited resources is certainly doable, we aspire to a more efficient office with higher quality of content, service and resources.

We therefore appeal to you to help us grow through your generous donations. Holy families are the key to a better world. Help us renew the face of our nation and the world.

ways you can donate:



Prefer the good old-fashioned way? We would be happy to meet with you. Contact us, and let's make a date!


Perhaps you prefer alternative means suited to you? Contact us to make arrangements.


A simple EFT might be easier for you. Be sure to include 'MFLO DONATION' in your reference.

Standard Bank

Account 002125757

Universal Code 051001