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A parish is a community of families. It is indeed a 'family of families'. This is why every family is called by God and the Church to be a 'domestic church'. It is a reality that family life in its diversity is part of every ministry aspect of the Church. A family focus recognises strong marriages and families in Christ are at the core of a church that shines like a 'city set on a hill'.

Formation & Training

Each parish in the Archdiocese is invited to develop a Marriage & Family Life Team (MFLT) that can lead the apostolate in creative and dynamic ways. This team should be made up of people with different backgrounds and, at least in part, experience and would be supported by the archdiocesan coordinator(s).


The MFLT should consist of a coordinator with a team representing different aspects of family life, i.e. marriage, parenthood, youth, widowhood, counselling, etc. The coordinator should be supported by the Parish Priest and Parish Pastoral Council and be represented on the Council. A budget should be available for resources and approved expenses. It is to good if the MFLT also includes specialists, e.g. social workers, psychologists, medical personnel and religious educators if these people are available in the parish.

The MFLT is to provide formation, resources and specialised programs for various family needs in a holistic way.

Do you have a MFLT in your parish?

Marriage Preparation

Marriage, as a Sacrament and vocation, needs preparation. Although this preparation is in fact a long process that can never be reduced to a mere weekend or extended course, such programs can be immensely fruitful, helping engaged couples to lay solid foundations for authentic, lasting and happy marriages.

Marriage Enrichment

Marriage is messy! The simplicity thereof - love - ought never to be confused with ease. Living a life-giving marriage is hard work, a daily resolution to pick up your cross. BUT - It is oh so worth-it! Marriage is also true, good and beautiful, a path to everlasting joy, peace and fullness of life. At times, we need to be reminded of that and resolve to master the art of marriage.


There is hardly a more honourable and natural duty than parenthood. To give life and nourishment in love to others is a powerful way to live in the image and likeness of God. In this way, parenting becomes sacramental. Meeting the demands of this sacred duty, however, comes with much suffering. To live joyful parenthood, parents from all walks of life have many opportunities to turn to Christ and his Church in order to receive his grace and pass it on to those in their care.

Women's Ministry

How empowering it can be to connect with people that understand your struggles and triumphs, your sorrows and joys! Do you want to surround yourself with strong, happy, passionate, loving and prayerful women?


Marriage and family life is messy! And there are no perfect homes. We ought not to be ashamed that we need help at times. Is your marriage in trouble? Are you struggling with your children? Seeking to improve your parenting? Are you hurting from abuse? Do you need healing from having an abortion, or are you considering one? Are you struggling with addiction(s)? No matter what your struggle - there is help.